Safety and Privacy

How we protect you and your privacy in our projects


At Roseto, we prioritize the safety of our participants, especially minors. We have a strict safety plan to protect everyone involved in our projects and programs.

  • There are always at least two adults present during activities involving minors. This ensures that children are constantly watched and cared for. Trained adults are always available to handle any situation.

  • We encourage open communication between adults and children to create a supportive environment. Adults listen to children's concerns and report any safety issues immediately.

  • Designated safe zones are available in all project locations. Children can go to these zones to get help or assistance from adults. These zones are clearly marked for easy access.

  • We regularly check equipment, facilities, and environments to make sure they are safe. Participants receive safety training to teach them about safety awareness and practices.

  • Any inappropriate or unsafe behavior towards minors is strictly prohibited. We take immediate action to address any incidents and protect affected individuals.

  • We maintain open communication with parents and guardians about their children's participation. We encourage regular communication and opportunities for parents to share any concerns they may have.

  • We regularly review and improve our safety plan to ensure the well-being of all participants, especially minors. We seek feedback to identify areas for improvement and enhance our safety protocols.


Data privacy is of paramount importance to us. We recognize the sensitivity of personal information and take stringent measures to protect it. We neither collect nor retain any unnecessary personal data, ensuring that individuals' privacy is respected and safeguarded.

This commitment to privacy is reflected in our strict data protection policies, which are compliant with applicable data privacy regulations. We employ robust security measures to safeguard data from unauthorized access, disclosure, or alteration.

In projects involving our partners, we collaborate with them to ensure that their data protection practices align with ours. We establish clear data sharing protocols and emphasize the importance of protecting sensitive information. This collaborative approach ensures that data privacy is upheld across the project lifecycle.

By adhering to stringent data protection principles, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to protecting the privacy of our project participants and partners. This commitment fosters trust and ensures that our organization operates with transparency and ethical integrity.

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