Learning about volunteering


Specification Status - DONE


This project is aimed at educating students about the benefits of volunteering. The project will be held at Liceul Tehnologic "Pamfil Seicaru", in a designated room for volunteering. This activity will have a presentation discussing about the benefits, types of projects, how to get into a project, the youthpass


  • Project ID: ROSETO-20240113

  • Location: Liceul Tehnologic "Pamfil Seicaru"

  • Time/Date: 14:00 / 07.02.2024

  • Subject: Volunteering

  • Participants: 10-15

  • Coordinators: Savin Angel-Mario, Mary Malaika Michael

  • Duration: 1-2 hours

  • Allocated budget: 10€

Involved Partnerships

  • Involved Partners:

    • Liceul Tehnologic "Pamfil Seicaru"



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